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Politics sucks!(?)

We should all start to think of art being political. It surely is, isn’t it? Politics is how we organise ourselves. And art organises us. It perpetuates myths of society, and it imbues itself with the artist’s beliefs. It influences the way that we look at the world. An artist is a politician. It is impossible for a piece of art to not be political.

Artistic institutions are political. Do we have to pay to get in? Who owns the institution? Where is the institution located?  Why do these artworks hang on the walls? Who chose them? Does that make them good? Do critics know what good art is?

What effect does the art have on me? How do I experience it?

It is not just art that is political, everything is. Language. Art. Television. Film. Theatre. Architecture. Tables. Seats. Trains. Sewers. Sinks. And doors. It all governs the way we live. It all effects the way we experience the world. Surely we should start thinking about art politically not spiritually. Everything is political and everything is art.